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What is A2billing Solution?

Dialerking offer a complete VOIP billing solutions that support the whole range of common VoIP business models.

Dialerking VoIP billing system helps in automated billing and collection, it helps in monitoring sales data and replicate the actual position of organization. Update the financial history automatically. It provides you various reports like charging, payment, call data records etc.

We give you all the tools you need to bill VoIP calls, generate invoices and collect payments.

VoIP billing and management solutions are the wisest choices for several providers looking for reliability and career grade performance by providing various services. This may include comprehensive call rates, offer flexible call plans, billing for call usage, prepaid and postpaid VoIP services to get the maximum business fluidity.

The main features of our A2billing solution.

Customer-interface Management

Uniform graphical desktop and web application for accounts management and all related operations.


Set the various types of discounts rate on different services.


Performs billing inquiry, generates bills, processes deposits, performs account administration, maintains tax and fee information, and processes financial information.

Credit Control & Collection

Controls usage and revenue by assigning different credit classes to different customers. Supports payment collection and applying them to invoices.

Multiple Currencies

Multiple currencies used in different countries can complicate the billing system as the billing and customer care system must be capable of recording and processing in units of multiple currencies.

Real Time Billing

In Real time billing if customers balance is low calls will be stopped then and their balance will not in negative.

Rates Management

Rates handling and manage rates easily with Dialerking Billing system.

Performance Reporting

provides performance reporting, ensures quality-of-service (QoS) reporting, creates management reports, and generates regulatory reports.

The benefits of VOIP Billing solution, which is increase in financial management of your business.

Automated Billing and Invoicing

Make the best VoIP billing software able to automate the entire process of the billing system and also generate invoices.

Empower Scalability

This is the most trusted system that is considered to be an effective way of increasing the scalability of your organization.

Minimize Resources

Manual process compared to the VoIP billing system is time consuming even though there is huge manpower involved in the same. The process is quite slow and also associated with human errors.

Manage Financial History

The billing system lets you explore various logged invoices, claim settlement, and track regular transactions.

Increase ROI

VoIP billing software solution will reduce expenses and increase revenues, which will result in a clear increase in ROI.

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