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What is Calling Card?

Dialerking’s Calling Card platform is a complete system enabling selling physical cards with PIN as well as offering online managed PINless services. A provider can also combine both PIN and PINless or even share accounts with other services deployed on VoipSwitch.

Long distance and international communication has also become very expensive and occurs every day. Due to high call rates, calling cards are becoming very popular in VoIP business, it provides a fair chance to earn lots of money.

With Dialerking, providers can offer these facilities to end users for not only making cheap VoIP calls, but also for monitoring detailed call activities through a user-friendly web interface.

Calling card business is one of the evergreen businesses in the VoIP industry. The PIN-less dialing and callback services have always been in demand. To run a calling card business, it is very important to manage all entities accurately and keep the billing process fast and accurate.

Few highlighted features that are made available to end users under Calling Card Solution are listed below:


Our calling cards solutions is fully customizable helping customers get the most from the market and provide their users with a feature rich product.

PIN and PIN less

Offer competitive VoIP services to customers through PIN and PIN less calling card options available on this solution.

Multi-lingual IVR Support

Offer IVR support to customers in major regional languages for effective collaboration and intense user engagement.

Multiple Payment and Sign up Methods

The solution ensures secured payment gateways via Paypal and CashU and further supports multiple sign up methods to invite more customers.

Speed Dial

The customer can call a long distance number with speed dial. It is a best option for international call.

The benefits of calling card solution.

Tracks all calls

Predictive dialers connect with most CRMs, integrating in-depth knowledge about the customer into every call. Call center agents can see past orders, previous conversations, special notes, lead status in the sales funnel, etc.

Helps boost sales

Agents in call centers have varying skills. Some are excellent closers while others are expert listeners. Not every agent will be good at everything. This is precisely why customers shouldn’t always be handed off to the first available agent.

Gives an enterprise scalability

Predictive dialers keep dialing even while agents are on the phone so the moment an agent finishes with one customer, they can switch to the next one seamlessly. Increased call volume means increased productivity.

Offers effective call management process

Call center productivity largely depends on the number of calls made in a day. Automatic predictive dialer enables you to gain control over outbound calls because the dialer does not route outbound calls to busy agents.