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What is Multi-tenant IPPBX?

An IP PBX is a telecommunication device that provides voice connectivity to desk phones within a building. It oversees the outgoing and incoming calls across its telephone network using an internet connection.

Dialerking’s IP PBX solution is a flexible call control system that scales with your business needs as you grow. Best suited for today’s modern business environment with all must have enhanced features like conferencing, call forwarding and unified communications.

PBX is referring to Private Branch eXchange in terms of Telephony. In today’s era, PBX is an essential need of any corporate identity.

PBX systems are essential for businesses that take many calls and require call transferring. IP PBX can be implemented on premise for businesses that want complete control over them, or implemented in the cloud for businesses that want a cheaper, easier to implement solution.

There are some features of Multi-tenant IPPBX Solution.

Voice Messaging

Once a ‘nice to have’ or an optional add-on, voicemail features come as standard with your IP phone system. If you have a dynamic workforce, it might also be worth shopping around for a system that enables voicemail messages to be sent as an attachment to the recipient’s email, either as transcription or an MP3 file.

Reporting and Analytics

Most IP PBX systems now come with basic reporting features built-in, and some might offer more advanced reporting and analytics. Be sure to address your business requirements when it comes to reporting, and at the very least, look for a system that comes with simple call history reporting enabled.


Multi-party conferencing has become our bread and butter in recent months, so it’s important to look for a solution that comes with in-built support not just for simple three-way calling but multiple-participant conferencing.


Eliminate the need for wiring extra ports for the phone systems. IPPBX allows you to move or add extensions much more easily than others.

Cost Efficient

You can easily use a VOIP Provider with IP PBX for long distance and international call.

Call Recordings

Record of every incoming and outgoing calls by IPPBX system.

Call Forwarding

Forward any call from one telephony system to other telephony system.


Record and send voicemail to receiver, when receiver not receive call.

Easy to Install and Configure

In contrast to regular phone systems, which often require expertise in the field of telecom, the IP PBX system is easier to install and configure for anyone proficient in using computers and networking.

Ease of Use

All the features of IP PBX can be easily performed using a friendly GUI

There are many reasons why IP PBX software based phone system is good for you, we have listed here the top benefits of IP PBX software to make it easier for you.

Cost Savings

The first and foremost is the savings on cost IP PBX brings. Whether you call a local number or an international number, the cost of calls reduces drastically due to the SIP trunking that the VoIP technology offers.


IP PBX solution is adaptable and allows you to scale as per your needs of the business. You can easily scale down your use in hosted IP PBX service and pay accordingly. If there is a periodic need for higher loads, it is easily accommodated.


A standard telephone line provides only audio communications. IP PBX software solution incorporates audio and video web conferencing, SMS, chat, email and fax in a unified communication framework as well as CRM integration.

Multi-location connectivity

Because of its cloud-based architecture all of a business’s locations can be served by a single, centralized system which will provide seamless communications among employees at all locations and complete flexibility for handling and routing calls.

Customer control

IP-PBX systems have sophisticated customer management capabilities that enable on-site or remote administrators to manage overall system features and functions and end users to personalize and manage their own phones.

Future proof

Since IP-PBX systems are part of your service providers infrastructure, upgrades to software, hardware and functionality are routinely implemented as part of overall network management, therefore providing you with access to new innovations and capabilities.