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What is Multi-language Dialer?

DIALERKING is a leading, multilingual, global-contact-center service provider which can help you to expand your business successfully to complex markets over the world.

We provide multilingual dialer solution in more than 20 languages such Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, philippines, Italian etc.

Multilanguage call center solutions are beneficial beacause of many reasons. Daily customer calls are handled with more expertise, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Not only the expert provide a 24x7 answering service, but they also offer cost effective multilanguage call center assistance for companies that cater to global clients.

Many key features of our multilanguage customer support.

Customized services according to different time zones

Predictive dialer enables call center managers to create multiple campaigns from the same login. Also, managers can easily customize marketing campaigns according to their need.

Efficient inbound and outbound multilingual processes

Predictive dialers allow you to record calls for later review. This helps you monitor the progress of agents and how they are performing. It helps you improve the quality of the calls.

Deliver support on a global scale in different locations around the world

Predictive dialer matches the country name, area code, and time of the contact list, and then it starts dialing the numbers at the most appropriate time.

Guarantee 24x7 availability to handle staff, clients, and customers

Predictive dialer software allows you to monitor the number of ongoing calls. Call monitoring also allows you to preview the quality of outgoing calls. This process occurs in-between calls.

Get the some benefits using multilanguage call center solution.

Experienced call center staff

Our staff has high proficiency in foreign languages. Their accent, voice, and communication methods live up to the international standards while matching the local expectations.

Advantage of time zone

Due to favorable location, we can provide uninterrupted multilingual call answering service to various clients across the globe.

Cost-effective services

We offer affordable call center solution for multilingual support. We can help our customers with customized back-office service packages based on their specific requirements.

Goal-oriented services

We utilize our skills and resources to come up with effective strategies to provide streamlined services to various clients while ensuring them optimum results.

Multilingual support

We provide 24x7 multi-language support services to global clients and take up all types of call center service requirement projects regardless of the type and size of the organization.

Scheduling calls allows you to get in touch with customers

Call center agents frequently call a customer who is not available at that moment. During the call, the agent can use a user-friendly table, tick the option Schedule a call and set an exact date and time when the customer will be available.