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What is Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialer allows you to increase efficiency and the number of calls you make. When an agent is available, Dialer automatically dials the next call in line.

Predictive dialer ensures that more customer calls are made in a shorter time. It is an ideal tool to get in touch with your customers. In each campaign, you can also configure the time for which the agent remains unavailable after the call ends (the time necessary to finish administration tasks related to the call). After the time elapses, Dialer automatically dials the number of the next client in the campaign’s contact list.

This means that the agent does not have to search through contact lists in the active campaign and manually select prospects who have not been contacted yet. Predictive dialer eliminates the need to dial phone numbers manually. This allows you to increase agent productivity, reduce idle time and reduce the time spent dialling.

Predictive dialer is suitable for all types of outbound calls made from your call center customer satisfaction monitoring.

The types of services in dialing software very between agents and managers. Agent tools help to boulster the success of calling agents making them more efficient.

Campaign Management

Predictive dialer enables call center managers to create multiple campaigns from the same login. Also, managers can easily customize marketing campaigns according to their need.

Call Recording

Predictive dialers allow you to record calls for later review. This helps you monitor the progress of agents and how they are performing. It helps you improve the quality of the calls.

Customized Dial Time

Predictive dialer matches the country name, area code, and time of the contact list, and then it starts dialing the numbers at the most appropriate time.

Monitoring Calls

Predictive dialer software allows you to monitor the number of ongoing calls. Call monitoring also allows you to preview the quality of outgoing calls. This process occurs in-between calls.

Lead Management

Predictive dialer sort and distributes the best leads first by analyzing the reminders and dispositions aligned with the leads.

SuitCRM Integration

Predictive dialers collect a lot of information on prospective clients. The CRM display allows the agent to access this information to better understand the client.

Filter-Based Calling

Call center managers define various rules based on time-zone, geography, or other demographics to target a group.

Reports & Analytics

Predictive dialers provide detailed reports related to each agent, team, and department. This feature of a predictive dialer is the most useful tool for call center supervisors.

If businesses hope to capitalize on the big benefits of serving their customers, then predictive dialers can help them do it. Below, we give you the top reasons why predictive dialers are so powerful. Major benefits of a predictive dialer for the contact center.

SuitCRM Integration

Predictive dialers connect with most CRMs, integrating in-depth knowledge about the customer into every call. Call center agents can see past orders, previous conversations, special notes, lead status in the sales funnel, etc.

Skills-Based Routing

Agents in call centers have varying skills. Some are excellent closers while others are expert listeners. Not every agent will be good at everything. This is precisely why customers shouldn’t always be handed off to the first available agent.

Boost Agent Productivity

Predictive dialers keep dialing even while agents are on the phone so the moment an agent finishes with one customer, they can switch to the next one seamlessly. Increased call volume means increased productivity.

Efficient use of agents’ working time

Call center productivity largely depends on the number of calls made in a day. Automatic predictive dialer enables you to gain control over outbound calls because the dialer does not route outbound calls to busy agents.

Manage your calls and campaigns easily

By using Predictive Dialer, you can easily manage the list of contacts in individual campaigns. You can also monitor and collect data related to your campaigns – data on sales, the popularity of offered products, history of customer calls, etc.

Scheduling calls allows you to get in touch with customers

Call center agents frequently call a customer who is not available at that moment. During the call, the agent can use a user-friendly table, tick the option Schedule a call and set an exact date and time when the customer will be available.

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